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Orchestra Kentucky began as the Bowling Green Chamber Orchestra in 2000. Over the last 20 years, the organization has grown and evolved into the orchestra you know and love today. Help us celebrate our 20th Anniversary!

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“I joined the usher crew when ORKY moved to Van Meter. And then I climbed the volunteer ladder and became SkyPAC’s Emissary. It has been a tremendous pleasure to be in charge of seating the Orchestra Level audiences and to enjoy the patrons, coming in and going out. Love following each concert, with a review, usually gotten from audience members as I bid them a good night. BRAVO ORKY.” — Arnie Petrus


“Twenty years ago when attorney/musician Jeffrey Reed realized his true calling was orchestra conducting and not practicing law, he assembled a group of fellow musicians and started an orchestra. My husband, Charles (flutist and composer), and I (pianist) were part of that group. Our small group worked hard to promote the chamber orchestra, marketing and performing around Bowling Green and the surrounding areas. Our first venue was the Capitol Arts Center, then various churches including Living Hope, and finally SKyPAC. Two early memorable concerts were a 9/11 memorial concert and the first Beatles concert in the summer of 2002. We had a fantastic group of local musicians sing Beatles hits (now the Rewinders), and Jim Johnson donated a VW Beatle for a promotional drawing.

Both Charles and I had the privilege of performing with the group for the first few years, and performed concertos under Jeff’s baton here and with an orchestra in St. Petersburg, Russia. We spent two weeks in Russia with Jeff and family, and had the opportunity to play on Shostakovich’s piano.

Jeff commissioned Charles to write several compositions for the orchestra, including one for Bluegrass Band and Orchestra. In addition to personal performance opportunities for both of us, compositional opportunities for Charles, and the opportunity to hear great orchestral music performed professionally here in our city, the friendships we made have meant a great deal to me. Jeff has become like a brother, Sherry, Jeff’s wife, like a sister, and the children (Mary Grace and Harrison) like grandchildren. Other friendships with orchestra members and soloists who have performed with the orchestra have also developed and become important.

Twenty years later this region is still enjoying Jeff’s dream—a professional orchestra with Jeff’s unique programming, performing classical, pop, and Broadway locally, eliminating the need to drive to Nashville to hear professionally performed music.” — Dr. Janet Bass Smith

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