The mission of the Bowling Green String Academy is to promote the study of orchestral string instruments and to offer class instruction in music to students of all ages.
The BGSA satisfies the demand for string instruction in south central Kentucky (where public school instruction is not widely available) by offering lessons on violin, viola, cello and bass.
There is no “magic” age for all children. However, string instruction is perfect for starting children at a young age. Depending on the individual child’s level of maturity, some children have successfully begun instruction as young as three years old.
Instruments may be rented for a nominal fee and may be returned should the student not continue string study. Some stores have a rent-to-buy policy.
Conclusive studies show improved math and language skills for students who participate in music study and performance. String study teaches children self-discipline and self-esteem. String students eventually participate in orchestra where they gain valuable lessons in teamwork and socialization (this is not available to piano students, for example). It is a proven fact that string players are more likely to receive college scholarships than other instrumentalists or vocalists. String study introduces children to the classics of our musical heritage.
All of our faculty have successfully taught children and adults. All have degrees in music with an emphasis on their instrument (we don’t have trumpet players teaching violin, for example), and all perform professionally. The current faculty boasts a combined teaching experience of 90 years and have performed in such esteemed ensembles as the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Houston Symphony Orchestra, and the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, to name a few.
Fees are set by each teacher and range from $20 to $30 per thirty-minute lesson.