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Orchestra Kentucky of Bowling Green

Orchestra Kentucky, the resident orchestra of the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center [SKyPAC], brings the best in classical and popular music to South Central Kentucky. From the Beatles to Beethoven, the region’s only fully-professional orchestra entertains audiences of all ages and tastes.
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We love our musicians and value their talent and commitment to our community!

We’ll talk to you Monday night OR you can take advantage of the Phonathon special offers now by phone or online:

Did you know that…

• all but eight musicians travel from out of town for the opportunity to perform on a part time basis with Orchestra Kentucky?

• all the musicians hold a Bachelor’s Degree, 50% a Master’s Degree and several hold Doctorates?

• for a Variety Series concert there are 70 musicians with a combined talent of 2,450 years and a Retro Series concert has 60 musicians with 2,100 years of combined talent?

• the musicians own their instruments and costs vary from $4,000 to as much as $100,000; bows alone for string instruments can cost as much as $25,000?

For 15 years Orchestra Kentucky has welcomed over a quarter million people to our concerts. Just 54% of our funding comes from ticket sales and 43% from contributed funds. The amount budgeted this year for musicians and special artists is $504,698; well over half of the orchestra’s annual budget, which is $907,500 for 2015/16.

Please help us continue to support these great musicians and donate during the Phonathon or online now.

• A monthly contribution of $10/month or $120 {receive one free ticket to a Variety Series concert of your choosing}.

• A monthly contribution of $20/month or $240 {receive two free tickets to a Variety series concert of your choosing}.

• A $25/month or $300/year {get one free ticket to a Variety series concert for every ticket you purchase}.

Phonathon Special OFFER EXPIRES on MAY 19th.


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